Content Offers

For Each Stage of the Journey


Think about a big purchase you’ve made recently:

  • First, you realized you had a problem to solve or a need to fulfill
  • You learned about your issue, researched products that could solve your problem and compared competing products.
  • Finally, you made your decision and completed your purchase.
  • If you're happy about your purchase, you told some friends or posted a great review on their website.

You’ve just completed a full customer journey.

customer journy


main stage of journey

Now let's review each stage and the content offers that help move customers forward in their journey.

  • 1. Awareness

    Realizing you have a problem or need.

  • Researching possible solutions for your problem or need.

  • 3. Decision (Purchase or Conversion)

    Selecting a solution and completing your purchase.

  • 4. Retention (Advocacy & Loyalty)

    Feeling supported by the brand you selected and happy with your purchase.



Your main goal at this stage:

To educate consumers about their problems or needs while increasing traffic to your website and establishing thought leadership.


Your prospect realizes they have a problem or want to fulfill a need. They don't have much information but they're searching on websites and social media. They search Google for generic industry terms, problem keywords or symptoms. This may be the first time they come across your brand so be sure information is easy to find on your website for new visitors

What content will capture their attention?

Get in the mindset of your prospect. Create offers that provide information and explain solutions for their needs, pain points and problems without pushing your product specifically. Content at this stage should be entertaining, easy to consume and easy to share. Develop trust and position yourself as a helpful guide as they get to know your brand by reading your content at their pace on their terms.

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Content Offers:

  • Blog Articles
  • Social Media Posts
  • Educational eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Analyst Reports
  • Webpages Optimized for Search Engines
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Lists
  • How-to-guides
  • FAQ
  • Q&A



Your main goal at this stage:

To generate leads and start nurturing them with branded content establishing your brand as an authority on the problem that needs to be solved.


Your prospect has researched their problem or need. They now evaluating and narrowing down a list of products or services that could be their solution. Prospects will now be more willing to complete a form with their contact information in exchange for higher-value downloadable content. When you receive their contact information they become a lead you can nurture.

What content will capture their attention?

Prospects are evaluating options, so now is the time to introduce the benefits of moving forward with your brand. Your content should explain options to solve their problem and introduce how your brand can help solve their problem specifically. Still be cautious about overselling, but your leads may be more receptive to direct contact now so be sure to provide options on how they can get in touch.

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Content Offers:

  • Webinars
  • Solution Comparisons
  • Expert Editorial Content
  • Podcasts
  • Videos & Web Demos
  • Worksheets & Calculators
  • Free Templates
  • Reviews
  • Lists
  • Case Studies
  • Product Spec Sheets
  • Catalogs
  • Email Marketing



Your main goal at this stage:

To convert leads into customers, differentiate your brand from competitors and provide help during sales process.


At this stage, qualified leads are ready to make a purchase – but not necessarily from you. They are well-informed about their options and need specific information to complete their purchase. They will search a few narrowed-down options for details such as pricing, payment options and customer reviews or testimonials so they feel confident you’ll meet their needs as well. Live interactions like sales calls or demos should be treated with care because they could make or break your sale.

What content will capture their attention?

Qualified leads are top priority as they’re likely to convert at any moment – and you want them to convert with you. Your content should provide specific purchase information, proof of success and differentiating factors like why you’re an industry leader and how your products compare to competitors.

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Content Offers:

  • Free Trials or Downloads
  • Vendor Comparisons
  • Expert Editorial Content
  • Pricing Estimate or Quote
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Use Cases
  • Sales Offers
  • Live Demos
  • Virtual Tradeshows



Your main goal at this stage:

Ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases, loyalty and advocacy


Congratulations, your lead has converted to a customer! Now is the most important time to prove to your customer they made the right choice. To ensure they are delighted with their purchase and will rave about your brand to everyone they know, a little personal touch goes a long way. Follow up and offer support to ensure that next time they have a need they will choose you again.

What content will capture their attention?

As your customer enjoys first-hand experience owning your products or services, ensure their experience is flawless. Your content should offer a follow-up to see how they’re doing, provide support for any questions, and promote loyalty and referrals. Having a sales person check-in is a great way to keep in touch. You can also automate personal communications such as email follow-ups, product guides, customer satisfaction surveys and information about loyalty programs.

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Content Offers:

  • Customer Support Outreach
  • Product Training Guides
  • Email Follow-ups
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Rewards for Recommendations