Break Down Silos Between Sales And Marketing



Hold Weekly Meetings for Brainstorming

Regular meetings maintain open communication and alignment. Sales offers important customer feedback and insight that improves the content creation process. They can discuss what content is needed, which content converts best, how to better qualify leads and how marketing can further assist sales in serving the right content at the right point in the sales cycle. 


Highlight How Both Teams Contribute

Internal competition over lead attribution can thwart teamwork efforts. Foster alignment and integration by clearly defining responsibilites and providing rewards for productive efforts. Delegate Marketing to deliver a certain quantity and quality of new leads, and Sales to follow up in a timely manner and make various attempts to convert each lead. 


Use Analytics to Inform Both Teams

Customer behavior analytics help Marketing and Sales study a customer's journey with your brand. Use weekly meetings to discuss lead activity, pages visited, forms completed, referring sties and more. Marketing uses the data to personalize content and improve promotions and workflows. Sales uses the data to gain insight before reaching out to leads. 


Use Marketing Automation to Alert Sales

Marketing platforms collect data about your leads and trigger automated workflows. Workflows can be set to launch email campaigns to nurture leads and tirgger alerts to Sales when a lead is viewing content on your site. Now Sales can prioritize the most engaged leads, reaching out when they're most likely to close the sale.