Deliver Localized Marketing Across the Network

Empowering brand networks to unify, manage, scale & optimize their local and national footprint.


Deploy thousands of personal, local and branded sites to increase rankings, conversions & connections. Designed for:

  • Multi-Location Brand Networks
  • Franchise Systems
  • Manufacturers 
  • Associations/Local Chapters
  • Agent Based Organizations
  • Lead Generation

Brand Management

Maintain control over thousands of microsites, all from one centralized dashboard. Create a Model Site with dynamic attributes and tokens that is used to quickly spin up unique, localized sites for their entire network. Customize look and feel and control the design and content flexibility.


  • Quickly create and deploy thousands of hyper-localized and personal websites.
  • Efficiently manage multiple websites with distributed publishing capabilities.
  • Dynamically localize sites by leveraging site attribution and embedding tokens in your content for generating unique content for each location.
  • Control brand reputation and messaging while also providing permission to site owners to manage local site promotions and updates.

CMS + Commerce + Marketing Automation

Publish original content and broadcast to all sites in a network enhancing local SEO with zero user interaction. Provide unique and individualized posts automated and at scale. Power eCommerce and attribute sales, credit and commissions across the whole network.


  • Push out content instantly to thousands of locations or individual websites/blogs.
  • Create personalization and marketing automation rules applied to the entire network while ensuring each individual site has unique, local information and site owners have the capability to add and edit their own pages and content.
  • Edit web content without coding
  • Easily create email blasts, drip campaigns and triggered emails based on user behavior and distribute those to the entire network.
  • Allow individual content changes and additions on each personalized website and blog for improved, local SEO.


Core Functionality

  • User and Role Management
  • Content, Image, Video and File Libraries
  • Permissions and Workflows
  • Asset Security and Management

Corporate Functionality

  • Model Website Builder
  • Variant Manager – Attributes and Site Settings
  • Variant Workflow Management
  • Model Site Synchronization
  • Marketing Automation Flows
  • Audience Segmentation and
  • Personalization Engine

Brand Network Functionality

  • Microsite based off Model Site
  • Audience List Creation and Management
  • Email Blasts and Marketing Automation Flows
  • Shared Content, Image, Video and File Libraries
  • In-Line WYSIWYG Content Editing
  • Social Links


Enterprise Commerce & Content Management
• Unified B2B & B2C product line in one catalog
• Track the customer journey from click to ship
• Attribute sales & incorporated incentives for independent dealers
• Increased Sales by 20% 


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