iAPPS offers best-in-industry online sales and marketing tools, due in part to integration between Web Content Management, marketing, and analytics modules.

Tony White
Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
Ars Logica

For Marketers

Everything you need to manage your interactive marketing and commerce initiatives across your online channels

iAPPS gives Marketers a single, unified platform that enhances your online marketing channels and enables you to run more effective, measurable campaigns. iAPPS empowers Marketers with the ability to optimize the web experience and helps build contacts as well as watch and interpret customer activity. Deep integration tracks visits and enhances content directly and dynamically, which not only attracts more eyes to your site, but keeps them there longer while helping you increase conversions.

iAPPS provides marketers with an exhaustive set of tools to:


  • Drive more visitors to your site with effective email marketing campaigns
  • Increase your online visibility with best-in-class SEO and built in social media features
  • Track the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing campaigns – know where your best traffic is coming from


  • CODiE Award-winning web content management helps you manage content anywhere it lives
  • Deliver segmented, persuasive content to improve the user experience. Technology buyers see your latest IT whitepaper, retail buyers are directed to products and services specific to their interests.
  • Landing page management helps you create and optimize marketing conversions


  • Build campaigns, set goals and success thresholds, and let iAPPS actively track their performance in real time.
  • Smart Recommendations Engine gives you suggestions on improving your landing pages on the fly for better response rates.
  • Deliver visitor data directly to customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce.com.
  • Use conversion metrics to perfect and retarget messages.
  • Capture visitor contact information and send hot leads directly to your sales team.

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