There are a lot of difficulties retailers have with being on the Web. They don't have the time, the money or the experience that it takes to produce a truly valuable consumer Web experience. Shaw Web Studio was designed to give them these tools and be extremely easy to use. Because flooring retailers are experts in their areas, it is important for them to be able to localize the information on their websites, and with iAPPS, this is easily accomplished by changing the content on a site or by adjusting keywords and metatags.

Misty Hodge
Web Services Manager
Shaw Flooring

Why iAPPS?

Make Your Website Work For You – Not The Other Way Around

Your website is your first brand impression, it can also be your best salesperson and marketer. It’s a 24-hour sales operation, an 8-day-a-week marketing platform and a constant PR presence. And how you’re able to deploy your web experience management (WEM) strategy can determine how valuable an asset your website can truly be.

To really optimize your online channels, your organization needs more than a web content management system. You need a solution that drives visitor engagement, supports your unique business requirements, yet can easily evolve and scale to increase website effectiveness and deliver ROI.

iAPPS for Marketers

iAPPS helps Marketers to Attract, Engage, and Convert more visitors with the industry leading Web Experience Management platform that empowers you to deliver segmented, persuasive content, integrated campaigns, and compelling online stores.

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iAPPS for Web Developers

The iAPPS Product Suite was built with developers in mind, providing serious development tools and support, while offering easy-to-use administrative features for end users, freeing you up from basic support. Leverage your .NET capabilities while benefitting from the tools you’ve come to rely on like Visual Studio.

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