Make every communication count with highly-targeted email campaigns based on a customer's profile, segmenting capabilities, browsing history & more

iAPPS Marketier Overview

vert_iapps_marketier_flat_100x151.gifiAPPS Marketier is a powerful online marketing management solution that helps marketers drive more qualified traffic to their sites through personalized and highly targeted marketing automation flows. Marketier's powerful feature set includes end-to-end campaign administration - from drag-and-drop landing pages with our flexible form builder to behavior-based drip email campaigns. Add on dynamic contact and distribution list management, event-based response marketing, wizard-driven email campaign creation, as well as built-in goal tracking tools to measure campaign effectiveness and ROI.

As a starting point, each iAPPS implementation incorporates flexible templates and modules to get you started quickly in building rich digital campaigns with iAPPS Marketier Pro. From there, you can opt to further customize these templates and incorporate any necessary custom application integration to meet your unique business needs with iAPPS Marketier Enterprise


True Marketing Automation

iappsMarketier-dashboard.pngWith iAPPS Marketier, marketers can easily put together marketing automation paths. Translation? As soon as a prospect engages with you, you can nurture them through the buying process without ever having to log in. That means future visits can be personalized, email marketing can be unique and you can easily set up behavior-trees to ensure you're sending the right message at the right time.

Deliver Emails Quickly and Easily

iappsMarketier-wysiwyg.pngCreate dynamic communications on an Email Campaign wizard that redefines ease-of-use. Then, click over to our brand new dashboard to view sent, scheduled and draft emails, all while monitoring campaign success with real-time engagement metrics.

Full Integration with Lead Generation Tools

iAPPS Marketier will seamlessly integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management systems such as and leading ad server engines such as Google for easy targeting and campaign optimization.

Deployment Flexibility

For our SaaS customers, we can centrally manage your implementation eliminating the need for costly backend infrastructure as well as provide seamless product updates. And for those who prefer to keep their web application in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option.


Right Message at the Right Time

Our Contact List Management Center gives you complete control over creating static and dynamic email lists. From pre-defined customer groups to a series of different behavior rules and data sets, you can reach your target audience with the right message for them.

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