Most web analytics strive to tell you what happened. Our smart engine refines your website, in real-time.

iAPPS Analyzer Overview

vert_iapps_analyzer_flat_100x151.gif iAPPS Analyzer takes web analytics way beyond the delivery of static data points and puts the power to drive successful digital marketing campaigns directly into your hands. Analyzer's smart recommendation engine identifies actionable solutions to optimize site content and reach your digital campaign goals, all while giving you more accountability, control and power. 


Goal Driven Digital Marketing

These days, web content is just as likely to be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or in Google search results as it is on a company's homepage. iAPPS Analyzer connects all of your multichannel marketing efforts to defined business goals within a single campaign and measures their effectiveness. Analyzer helps you optimize the entire campaign to insure the highest degree of success.


Smart Recommendations Engine

The iAPPS Analyzer dashboard highlights actionable opportunities to optimize site content and performance in the industry's first smart recommendations engine. Analyzer groups recommendations by severity of the issue and the level of effort required to make a meaningful change, then provides a well-documented, actionable suggestion on what to do - all accessible within a few clicks.


Actionable Web Analytics

iAPPS Analyzer combines ease-of-use with a full suite of clickstream reports for visitor metrics, event watches and overall traffic. Navigation reports are also available for traffic analysis, click-through path analysis, scenario funnels, and page overlays for click density maps.

Deliver Targeted, Persuasive Content

You can now easily manage and deliver persuasive content based on specific visitor segments or profiles. iAPPS Content Manager can dynamically deliver content to targeted profiles or even by specific user actions and behaviors on the site.

Powerful Integration

Implementing iAPPS Analyzer will dramatically benefit each module within the iAPPS Platform through integrated, real-time reporting and analysis.


Automatic Tracking and Tagging

Eliminate the manual and costly process of tagging individual pages that is required in many web analytics solutions. iAPPS Analyzer automatically adds page tags to all newly created content, so pages can never be missing from reports and problems associated with lost analytic data due to poorly located tracking tags are virtually eliminated.

Access and Control

All modules in the iAPPS Platform use an integrated, shared administration model allowing users to be assigned roles for content management, analytics, or both with a single login across all iAPPS applications.

Deployment Flexibility

Like all modules in the iAPPS Product Suite, iAPPS Analyzer is offered as a flexible SaaS – Software-as-a-Service – licensing model or, for those who prefer to keep their web applications in house, as a perpetual license as well. Furthermore, iAPPS Analyzer has built-in support for administrative and end-user access allowing for management of secure business applications as well as public websites.

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