Social Media is important. It's also time consuming and difficult. Alleviate obstacles and streamline your social strategy.

iAPPS Social Overview


Protect Your Brand & Control All of Your Social Channels.

Keeping up with each of your Social Media outlets can become very frustrating, very fast. With so many conversations simultaneously happening on different networks, a sound Social Media strategy starts with a great administrative tool.

Enter iAPPS Social, a social media management platform.

Where conversations transform into conversions.

  • Centralize: Easily schedule content for publication whenever you want, to wherever you want, all integrated on one dashboard with the rest of your digital marketing solutions on the iAPPS platform.
  • Capture: Set up watch lists based on social network, topic, author, or company and listen in on relevant conversations – not just about your company, but your entire industry, or one you’re selling into.
  • Capitalize: Whether it be on Social Media, popular websites, blogs, or other media outlets, iAPPS Social empowers you to immediately identify and engage in conversations across the web without ever exiting the iAPPS dashboard.
  • Scale: No matter what the size of your organization, iAPPS Social can tailor to your Social needs. Franchise and large dealer networks can manage and publish promotional content through to local accounts in order provide support to franchisees and dealers who may not have the resources to engage in social media.

Your Social Media Command Center.


The iAPPS Platform