iAPPS offers best-in-industry online sales and marketing tools, due in part to integration between Web Content Management, marketing, and analytics modules.

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iAPPS Marketier is a powerful online marketing management solution that helps marketers drive more qualified and targeted traffic to their sites through personalized and highly targeted email campaigns. Marketier's powerful feature set includes end-to-end campaign administration, dynamic contact and distribution list management, event-based response marketing, wizard-driven email campaign creation, as well as built-in goal tracking tools to measure campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Part of the iAPPS Digital Marketing Suite

The iAPPS Digital Marketing Suite combines iAPPS Marketier's advanced end-to-end campaign, contact and response administration with iAPPS Analyzer's Goal Driven Marketing. iAPPS Analyzer's smart recommendation engine identifies actionable solutions to optimize, and puts you in control to track and adjust multichannel efforts - all in a single campaign.

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Deliver Emails Quickly and Easily

Send targeted newsletters and marketing messages to your customers with a click of the mouse using the integrated e-mail marketing software in iAPPS Marketier. Get up to the minute reporting of success rates and recipient activities such as click-thrus and opt-outs.

Full Integration with Lead Generation Tools

iAPPS Marketier will seamlessly integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management systems such as and leading ad server engines such as Google for easy targeting and campaign optimization.

Deployment Flexibility

For our SaaS customers, we can centrally manage your implementation eliminating the need for costly backend infrastructure as well as provide seamless product updates. And for those who prefer to keep their web application in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option.

Right Message at the Right Time

Not all customers are the same and with iAPPS Marketier you can speak to each customer segment directly. Deliver targeted e-Marketing campaign messages throughout your site to segmented user profile groups to ensure that all your campaigns deliver the right message to the right person every single time.

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eMarketing Made Simple

iAPPS’ deeply integrated online marketing toolset lets you easily streamline and control all of your eMarketing initiatives. With its state-of-the-art AJAX user interface, iAPPS is so easy-to-use that even the least tech-savvy user will be managing campaign ROI in no time. iAPPS Marketier is ready for deep integration with your websites, microsites, portals, intranets, and online commerce stores.

Customer Experience

360° Campaign Management Real-time statistics on Sends, Opens, Forwards, Clicks, Bounces, and more.
Easy Campaign Creation Create compelling online campaigns in minutes with a step-by-step wizard interface. The content from your web sites can easily be added to campaigns.
Response Marketing Send an automated email based on user activity, such as a welcome email to new users or a Thank You and ‘How-To’ after purchase. Integration Easily pull Contact and Lead records directly from Salesforce into iAPPS.
Dynamic Distribution List Changes to customer information automatically update your Contacts database and distribution lists in real-time. No import or export of CSV files or outside hooks required.
Measure Campaign ROI Full campaign ROI and graphical goal tracking tools are built-in (no coding or IT involvement) to provide timely and accurate insight into all of your campaigns.
Flexible Templates Enhanced template preview makes it quick and easy to select from your library of pre-defined email templates. You can add templates for specific campaigns.
eCommerce Integration** Create engaging Campaign and Response emails by inserting images directly from iAPPS Commerce. Leverage the data in iAPPS Commerce to tailor online marketing campaigns to customer buying trends.
Robust Asset Management A single library enables you to easily leverage content and images from your website and archived campaigns, eliminating version control issues.
Landing Page Statistics One-click access to view real-time statistics, including number of clicks and bounces, for every landing page associated with a campaign. Easily leverage WCM features to edit landing page content.
Detailed Reporting Gauge the effectiveness of all online campaigns in real-time with immediate access to statistical information.
Campaign Dashboard Provides a real-time summary of critical campaign data such as Watched Goals, Email Statistics, and Publishing Workflow.
Surveys & Polls Learn even more about what your target audience is looking for by creating custom surveys and polls with our intuitive drag-and-drop designer built into Content Manager.
Campaign Preview Ensure brand and message control by viewing exactly what your target audience will see with iAPPS’ email test feature and real-time campaign preview.
Campaign Workflow Create and attach a custom workflow to any of your campaigns. Reuse any workflow on future campaigns.
Campaign Cost Analysis Built-in cost calculator tools allow you to determine, in dollars and cents, exactly what each campaign cost you.
Mass Emails with Ease With an embedded spam check and Sender Score, reach your audience and avoid blacklisting and spam filters.
Flexible Licensing With both the SaaS and traditional perpetual license options, you can support your technical and financial requirements.
Unmatched Dependability Marketier is ready 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year to seamlessly handle scheduled email campaigns any time of the day or night.
Analytics Integration*** Watched Events from iAPPS Analyzer can be tied to campaigns to define campaign goals and when they should be achieved. Click-thrus and behavior on the website are automatically tracked and Marketier is updated automatically.
CMS Integration* Manage all website content seamlessly with the industry-leading features of iAPPS Content Manager.
*Requires iAPPS Content Manager license.
**Requires iAPPS Commerce license.
***Requires iAPPS Analyzer license.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Marketier provide any tools to help me measure the ROI of my campaigns?

Yes, complete campaign ROI goal tracking and reporting is fully integrated, providing you with real-time insight and empowering you to adjust and optimize campaigns quickly and easily.

How are contacts and distribution lists handled in Marketier?

With Marketier you no longer have to deal with the importing or exporting of CSV files and there are no outside hooks required. Customer information changes automatically update your database.

Is there a separate upload process when I want to use images and content from my website?

Shared content libraries across iAPPS enable Marketier to leverage any and all of the assets on your website. Everything from text to image files is available for you to use when building out your campaigns in Marketier.

Do you integrate with

Yes, Marketier natively integrates with Salesforce to easily pull Contact and Lead records into iAPPS.

Do you handle the mail sends and manage spam guards and blacklisting?

Yes, Bridgeline offers a full suite of services around email marketing to our SaaS and Perpetual licensed customers. You won’t have to worry about or deal with issues around mass email campaigns.

If I purchase a perpetual license, how do I work with your email system?

All of the software is installed on your machines and managed by you, in your environment. Emails are securely transmitted to our SaaS environment. The iAPPS SaaS environment becomes your post office for sending those emails and you never have to worry about spam and blacklisting.

Are we required to have Analyzer, Content Manager, or Commerce in order to use Marketier?

No, Marketier can run independently as an email campaign system. However, to take full advantage of features such as shared website libraries, contact management, and watched event and ROI tracking, the different iAPPS modules are required.

How does your pricing model work?

In either SaaS or perpetual, your base price includes a certain number of emails per month. Based on the volume sent there is a flat-rate charge per month. Contact your Bridgeline Development Executive for more detail.

How are we charged if we go over our monthly allotment of emails?

If you go over your monthly allotment of emails you are automatically bumped up to the next level for just that one month. The following month you are rolled back to your regular pricing.

Is there a cap on the number of emails or time of day I can send them?

No, there is no cap on the number of emails you can send or the time of day you send them. You pay for what you use. Our system operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days a year to seamlessly handle scheduled email campaigns any time of day or night.

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