While iAPPS' Web Content Management module positions it against other mid-market WCM applications, its eCommerce and analytics functionality pits it against leaders in the eCommerce market such as ATG.

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eCommerce Solutions

iAPPS Commerce is a 2010 and 2011 Trend Setting Product as selected by the editors of KMWorld Magazine. A powerful, international eCommerce solution that helps online business owners maximize their revenue while effortlessly managing all aspects of their eCommerce initiatives.  iAPPS' easy-to-use interface is packed with robust features including faceted product catalog management, real-time shipping costs, multi-currency, best-in-class SEO and comprehensive reporting.

iAPPS eCommerce Delivered™

Bring the Power of iAPPS and UPS to your business

Global eCommerce success starts with engagement. Combining the power of iAPPS Commerce, supply chain solutions with the fulfillment and logistics expertise of UPS Supply Chain Solutions helps grow your business globally, strengthen online engagement and lift conversions dramatically.
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International Markets

Go multi-channel in multiple geographies. With over 100 currencies and languages to leverage, you can advertise to new buyers in their native tongue. They can also shop confidently with real-time shipping estimates from supply chain solutions from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

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Real-Time Ecommerce Dashboard

With the iAPPS Commerce dashboard, all of your crucial eCommerce data is right at your fingertips –including purchase reports, financial summaries, inventory status and more; providing the information you need today in order to successfully strategize for solutions tomorrow.

Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

iAPPS Commerce, coupled with iAPPS Content Manager, offers one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce solutions on the market today. Automatically generated 301 redirects and XML sitemaps, built-in keyword management, and SEO friendly URLs for your products will ensure your online business and products achieve high-rankings with major search engines.

Seamless B2B ECommerce

iAPPS Commerce easily handles all of the unique complexities of B2B eCommerce. Buy-side and sell-side are fully supported with powerful solutions such as: searchable online product catalogs, order management, customer pricing, customizable business order rules and buyer order workflow. With iAPPS Commerce you can improve customer service and operating efficiencies while reducing order processing costs.

Solutions For Improved Customer Experience

To drive sales online today and keep your customers coming back tomorrow you must go beyond the shopping cart and find an eCommerce solution that works. Online shoppers want an in-store experience online and with iAPPS Commerce, you'll have the power to give it to them.

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Superior Product Cataloging

With other eCommerce platforms it can be a challenge keeping your product information synchronous and up-to-date. With iAPPS Commerce that headache is eliminated. Our dynamic, facet-based catalog structure automatically organizes all products into flexible, multi-level categories, making them easy for your customers to find and simple for you to manage.


Customer Experience

Core Features Description
Multiple Currencies Shoppers can complete purchases in their own currencies, enabling cross-border transactions.
Downloadable Media Support Manage the sale and completion of downloadable products such as Video, Audio, Text and other file formats.
Faceted Navigation To quickly locate products they wish to purchase, customers navigate and filter products by attribute (facet), keyword, category, SKU, price, etc.
Real-Time Shipping Estimates Shoppers will buy confidently with real-time shipping estimates from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
International Shipping Shoppers can provide international shipping and billing addresses.
Rich Media Product Views Rich Media, multiple images such as thumbnails, zooms, and different angles all provide the customer more access to the products they are purchasing.
Easy View Shopping Cart Optimally positioned for quick access, the shopping cart displays the list of items currently contained in the cart along with a brief description, the quantity, and price of each item. The subtotal of all items is also displayed.
Wish Lists Customers can save items to a personal Wish List, which is linked to their Customer Profile for easy access and management. Option to create multiple Wish Lists.
Personalized Customer Profile Customer information and privacy are protected at all times through secure payment processing.
Secure Checkout Create blogs quickly and easily. Assign indexing terms to improve SEO and enable topic categorization.
Comments and Ratings Customers can share and read reviews to help purchase the best product for them.
Quick View Shipping Rates
Customers have immediate, one-click access to shipping rate information directly from the shopping cart.
Product Bundling Customers can purchase product bundles which add value for the customer and you move more products.
Flexible Multi-Level Categories
Products are organized into flexible multi-level categories, which allow customers to quickly and easily locate items of interest to them.
Precise Product Descriptions Product descriptions are set up to handle any and all descriptive detail desired. Inclusion of precise product detail such as features, specifications, measurements, etc. deliver a more engaging customer experience.
Payment Gateway Integration Supports real-time credit card authentication and authorization, Website Payments Pro, Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, CSC/CVV2 (Card Security Code).

Administrative Experience

360° Customer Management Learn which products they are viewing, which products they have purchased, which pages they are visiting, which email campaigns they read and respond to, and more. Maintain and edit current customer accounts individually or via group (usernames and passwords, contact information, shipping and billing addresses, etc).
Robust Administrative Dashboard Provides a real-time overview of the health and performance of your online business with summary reporting, graphs and alerts.
Facet-Based Product Catalog Management Assigning facets, or attributes, to products allows for searching and filtering by specific attribute. Faceted-based product catalog management benefits the customer by enabling them to refine their product search based on product facets.
Promotion Management Entice customers with promotions such as bulk pricing, customer group pricing, placing products on sale, coupon processing, free shipping and more.
Embedded Web Analytics*** Detailed intelligence on shopper behavior, product views, site entrance and exit patterns - to name a few - enable you to optimize all of your product pages to deliver a world-class shopping experience to every customer.
Real-Time Reporting and Analysis Tools*** A sampling of the numerous reports available include: Order Statistics, Sales by Product, Sales by Promotion Code, and Abandoned Carts.
Online Marketing Management* Drive more conversions by creating online marketing campaigns that are tailored to customer buying trends. Seamlessly sync promotional emails to your eCommerce site.
Product Bundling Sell multiple products grouped together under a single SKU as a special product offering.
Multi-SKU Differentiate instances of the same product via use of multiple SKU’s. Example: one music player comes in six different colors - each has its own SKU.
Order History View detailed customer order history information - flexible sorting and filtered view options.
Shipping Addresses Associate any number of shipping addresses to a customer profile or group for simplified shipping management.
Multiple Credit Cards Store multiple credit cards within customer profile for quicker ordering.
Change Order Management Quickly and easily modify customer order information.
Shipping Management Integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS for tracking code generation.
CMS Integration**
All product detail content is managed seamlessly through the industry-leading features of iAPPS Content Manager.
Search Engine Optimization**
Built-in powerful SEO capabilities including auto-301 redirects, auto-XML sitemap creation, and search engine friendly URLS through iAPPS Content Manager.
*Requires iAPPS Marketier license.
**Requires iAPPS Commerce license.
***Requires iAPPS Analyzer license.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is iAPPS Commerce?

iAPPS Commerce delivers total management of your online business. iAPPS Commerce supplies the tools you need to provide a world-class online shopping experience; enabling you to increase sales through an engaging online marketplace.

Will my customers be able to search for products easily?

Absolutely! Thanks to the facet-based catalog structure that iAPPS Commerce has in place, products are organized into flexible, filterable, multi-level categories. Your site visitors will be able to search for products by SKU, keyword, price, or other attributes making the search process simple.

Can I track my online business performance in real-time or is there a lag?

Yes, through the iAPPS Control Center dashboard you will get a real-time, comprehensive picture of your online business performance. You have immediate access to reports on sales trends, buyer demographics, in addition to alerts on fulfillment deficiencies, production issues, and low inventory.

Does iAPPS Commerce handle coupons, discounts, free shipping and other kinds of promotions?

Yes, iAPPS Commerce fully supports promotions of all types. Promotional pricing is also supported allowing you to offer flat dollar or percentage discounts as well as free shipping.

Does iAPPS Commerce support B2B?

Yes, iAPPS Commerce fully supports all of the unique complexities B2B eCommerce with powerful features including: payment on account, line of credit, order management, customer pricing, order workflow with configurable business rules through connectors to back office systems.

Is it time-consuming to create and maintain my product catalog with iAPPS Commerce?

Not at all, in fact, iAPPS Commerce uses facet-based cataloging so products are organized into flexible multi-level categories, and each product can have multiple attributes associated with it making them easier for you to maintain and for your customers to find. Additionally, iAPPS Commerce catalog management tools let you publish multiple images and associated rich media to more appealingly present products to your online customers, which helps maximize your merchandising efforts.

Does iAPPS Commerce have any reporting and/or analysis tools?

iAPPS Commerce enables you to perform in-depth analysis on your online business through real-time reporting and you have the flexibility to export the data to Excel. For example, by viewing sales information for category, specific product, and region you can get a true picture of your product sales performance. You can also perform sales promotion analysis - which will provide a bird’s eye view into how product promotional efforts are working. Analysis on your online business performance becomes effortless when with a click of a button you can view real-time statistical analysis on your customers, orders, and inventory.

Can iAPPS Commerce handle multiple SKUs?

Yes, iAPPS Commerce supports multi-SKU management for any product in your online catalog.

Will I have control over the look and feel of the site?

If you choose to license Content Manager in concert with iAPPS Commerce you can take advantage of powerful web content management capabilities and class-leading SEO management. However if you opt not to license Content Manager, Bridgeline consultants and designers will work directly with you to create the most engaging and effective selling environment possible. iAPPS Commerce can even use the same look and feel as your existing website or templates so the integration is seamless and gives the impression that the new pages were there all along.

Does iAPPS Commerce include any tools that will help our rankings with search engines?

For those customers opting to license iAPPS Content Manager along with iAPPS Commerce will reap the benefits of the most SEO-friendly CMS. iAPPS Content Manager is the only CMS that includes auto-301 redirects and auto-generated XML sitemaps. A 301 Redirect alerts search engines to a page name change and send search users to the right place. When a 301 Redirect is not in place, search users can experience a Page Not Found error, also known as a 404 error. 404 errors can cause your website to be penalized with diminished search engine rankings. iAPPS Content Manager includes auto-301 Redirect creation after any page name change within your website meaning you never have to worry about being penalized with search engines over your dynamic site content.

Sitemap.XML files allow a site administrator to inform search engines about URLs on their website that should be indexed, or in some cases, not indexed. Furthermore, they help search engines crawl through a website more intelligently by listing all available page URLs and include additional metadata for each page such as how often its URL changes and when it was last updated.

What kind of support can I expect to receive if I choose to implement Commerce?

Bridgeline provides iAPPS Commerce customers with a fully supported Tier 1 data center hosting environment that provides proactive monitoring and data backups 24/7.

How is iAPPS Commerce licensed?

iAPPS Commerce is available as a flexible SaaS (Software as a Service) for those customers that wish to spread licensing costs over several years and who don’t want to own the responsibilities of maintaining and supporting the required backend infrastructure. For customers that prefer their web application in-house, a traditional perpetual license option is also available.

Are iAPPS Content Manager and iAPPS Analyzer included with Commerce?

Content Manager and Analyzer are not included with the Commerce license. However, you can add either or both of them at anytime due to the flexibility and seamless integration of the iAPPS solution suite.