With iAPPS, we are able to focus on executing our business model. The integrated content management and analytics capabilities help the team publish content and measure effectiveness in ways that deliver tremendous value.

Mike Gavelek
General Manager

Website Analytics for Marketers

iAPPS Analyzer takes web analytics way beyond the delivery of static data points and puts the power to drive successful digital campaigns directly into the hands of Marketers. Analyzer's smart recommendation engine identifies actionable opportunities to optimize site content and reach your digital campaign goals, all while giving you more accountability, control and power. And with Goal Driven Marketing, iAPPS helps you accelerate your web campaign success and empowers Marketers to track and optimize all of their multichannel marketing efforts into a single campaign.

Part of the iAPPS Digital Marketing Suite

The iAPPS Digital Marketing Suite combines iAPPS Analyzer's smart recommendation engine - to identify actionable solutions to help optimize your campaigns, and puts you in control to track and adjust them, with iAPPS Marketier's advanced end-to-end campaign, contact and response administration. Together, the two land a knockout punch to Goal Driven Marketing.

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Goal Driven Marketing

These days, web content is just as likely to be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or in Google search results as it is on a company's homepage. iAPPS Analyzer connects all of your multichannel marketing efforts to defined business goals within a single campaign and measures their effectiveness. Analyzer helps you optimize the entire campaign to insure the highest degree of success.

Smart Recommendations Engine

The iAPPS Analyzer dashboard highlights actionable opportunities to optimize site content and performance in the industry's first smart recommendations engine. Analyzer groups recommendations by severity of the issue and the level of effort required to make a meaningful change, then provides a well-documented, actionable suggestion on what to do - all accessible within a few clicks.

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Actionable Web Analytics

iAPPS Analyzer combines ease-of-use with a full suite of clickstream reports for visitor metrics, event watches and overall traffic. Navigation reports are also available for traffic analysis, click-through path analysis, scenario funnels, and page overlays for click density maps.

Deliver Targeted, Persuasive Content

You can now easily manage and deliver persuasive content based on specific visitor segments or profiles. iAPPS Content Manager can dynamically deliver content to targeted profiles or even by specific user actions and behaviors on the site.

Powerful Integration

Implementing iAPPS Analyzer will dramatically benefit each module within the iAPPS Platform through integrated, real-time reporting and analysis.

Automatic Tracking and Tagging

Eliminate the manual and costly process of tagging individual pages that is required in many web analytics solutions. iAPPS Analyzer automatically adds page tags to all newly created content, so pages can never be missing from reports and problems associated with lost analytic data due to poorly located tracking tags are virtually eliminated.

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Access and Control

All modules in the iAPPS Platform use an integrated, shared administration model allowing users to be assigned roles for content management, analytics, or both with a single login across all iAPPS applications.

Deployment Flexibility

Like all modules in the iAPPS Product Suite, iAPPS Analyzer is offered as a flexible SaaS – Software-as-a-Service – licensing model or, for those who prefer to keep their web applications in house, as a perpetual license as well. Furthermore, iAPPS Analyzer has built-in support for administrative and end-user access allowing for management of secure business applications as well as public websites.

Customer Experience

Core Features Description
Decisive Analytics Tracking data for each web site, e-store, and automated marketing campaign in one view; immediately identify the successful tactics to attract more visitors.
Top Opportunities Analyzer is constantly examining the visitor behavior to suggest opportunities to improve your conversions; traditional statistics are all captured, Analyzer investigates them for opportunities

Online Marketing Analysis
Complete campaign ROI goal tracking and reporting is fully integrated, providing real-time insight into progress vs. set goals.
Watched Events Easily monitor specific actions you are tracking separately from Goals.  These would be other vital signs of your site(s) such as downloads, asset views, profile updates, cart updates, and nearly any other trigger on your site.

Visitor Analysis
Understand your new/returning visitor patterns, visitor loyalty and browser capabilities.
Site Search Analysis Discover exactly what site visitors are searching for on your websites and in your online stores.

Content Publishing Overlay
Content management details are displayed in overlay mode; you can immediately see when the content was published, by whom, and other pertinent CMS information.
Smart Recommendations Engine Dynamically suggests ways in which site content can be optimized to reach critical campaign goals.
Instant Content Editing Modify any page from any report with a single click; easy transitions between iAPPS Analyzer and other iAPPS modules keep content problems to a minimum.
Scenarios/Funnel Analysis Specify an exact sequence of actions and clicks to better understand visitor conversion metrics.
Traffic Analysis Monitor activity for all content including campaign landing pages, e-store departments, and the entire website.  Drill down into External and Search Referrer reports. Keep track of page view averages and bounce pages.
Inbound/Outbound and Full Path Analysis Understand common click streams and usage patterns; includes the ability to drill down and create audience profiles. For any page, track the top referring sites and next-in-sequence pages.
Multichannel Campaign Management Group all of your multichannel marketing efforts into a single campaign to track and measure against defined goal attainment.
Content Analysis Track file and image downloads.
Graphical Trend Analysis Specify Hour, Day, Week and Month aggregations for any reporting range.
.NET Environment iAPPS .NET Framework environment leverages existing infrastructure and developer resources.
Export Email (as HTML), Excel, PDF; recurrence is fully configurable.
Click Overlays Monitor the click activity on any page in real-time; see where users are actually clicking.
Custom Reporting Generate custom reports based on any iAPPS Analyzer database cube dimension.
Alerts Trigger analytics alerts for page counts, views, and watched events. Notification is via email.
Automatic Page-Level Data Inclusion Reports automatically include recognizable page and authoring labels making analysis more accessible and usable.
Automatic Page Tagging Page tags are automatically added to all newly created content - manual processes and additional costs are not required to implement analytics into a site.
Common User Interface Simplify adoption and ongoing usage of analytic tools; leverage the existing skills of iAPPS Content Manager authors.
Integrated Search Search on name components, segments, pages, watches and scenarios.
*Requires iAPPS Marketier license
Frequently Asked Questions
What is iAPPS Analyzer?

iAPPS Analyzer is a next generation web experience management solution that integrates Goal Driven Marketing with web analytics to help Marketers effectively measure and optimize the performance of their websites, web content and online stores. iAPPS Analyzer is fully integrated with iAPPS Content Manager enabling ease-of-use and real-time delivery of targeted, persuasive content based on user profiles and behaviors.

iAPPS Analyzer provides real insight to your online content and eCommerce goals with the industry's first Smart Recommendations Engine to dynamically identify actionable opportunities to improve site performance. iAPPS Analyzer also enhances speed and productivity through dynamic segmentation and auto page tagging, as well as provides superior visitor behavior intelligence through a full range of sophisticated reports including click-density analysis.

iAPPS Analyzer is the only solution in the market today that can deliver Analytics-Driven Web Experience Management – all from a common user interface.

Is iAPPS Analyzer easy to use?

iAPPS Analyzer has been developed on the same advanced user interface technology present in iAPPS Content Manager. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is also used to facilitate faster paging through large reports.

How is this different from other web analytics products?

The tight data-level integration between iAPPS Analyzer, iAPPS Content Manager, iAPPS Commerce, and iAPPS Marketier is very unique to the market and offers dramatic advantages. iAPPS Analyzer not only offers all the standard reporting features you need to understand your website activity – it provides deep, data-level integration with its sister products - iAPPS Content Manager, iAPPS Commerce, and iAPPS Marketier - to make reports more useable and actually helps drive dynamic content. Reports include content page data, look like the actual website, and are much more readable. User segmentation can be incorporated directly into dynamic pages making content more personalized.

How does this benefit customers?

For site authors, analysts, & administrators, the common user interface will boost usability and adoption, and vastly improve the speed and accuracy of web content analysis, reporting, and authoring. For site visitors it delivers a more personalized, dynamic user experience. Unlike standalone web analytics software, iAPPS Analyzer helps you build, manage, and deliver analytics-driven content that is more persuasive, dynamic, and relevant.

What are some of the key features of iAPPS Analyzer?

iAPPS Analyzer provides deep integration within all levels of a web application, providing business users with advanced ease-of-use through AJAX controls and desktop-like conventions such as drag-and-drop and inline content editing. iAPPS Analyzer also enhances speed and productivity through dynamic segmentation and auto page tagging, as well as provides superior visitor behavior intelligence through a full range of sophisticated reports including click-density analysis.

Can I use analytics information to drive dynamic content?

Absolutely. With iAPPS Analyzer, any audience segment can be saved and incorporated into the website itself. This can make the site much more dynamic. When a user that visits the website matches the audience segment, the content management software can automatically display personalized pages. Segments change based on what is actually happening on the site as discovered by Analyzer – not based on a preconceived notion that’s hard-coded ahead of time.

How are iAPPS Analyzer and iAPPS Content Manager integrated?

Both iAPPS Analyzer and iAPPS Content Manager are unified by the iAPPS Framework, sharing a core set of components for developing advanced web applications. Both share identical UI components and technology. This integration allows content data to be visible in reports and analytics data, such as event watches.

What kinds of reports are included in iAPPS Analyzer?

iAPPS Analyzer has just about every report you would need to understand what’s happening with your website. It has a full suite of clickstream reports for visitor metrics, event watches and overall traffic. Navigation reports are also included for Inbound/Outbound, Path Analysis and Scenario funnels.

How is iAPPS Analyzer licensed?

iAPPS Analyzer is available as a flexible Saas (Software as a Service) model for those who want to spread out the licensing costs over several years, and who don’t want own the responsibilities of maintaining and supporting the required backend infrastructure. And for those who prefer to keep their applications in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license.

Can I use iAPPS Analyzer for both internal and external sites?

Yes, iAPPS Analyzer has built-in support for administrative and end-user access. So you can manage secure business sites as well as public marketing sites.

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